We offer affordable rates, yet never compromise on professionalism. Putting you or your loved ones in our hands is taking the first step to ensuring great comforting care at every turn. Contact us today to discuss your caregiver needs!


logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Rates start at $15.00 per hour

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    24 Hour rate starts at $190.00

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Couple rate discount $18.00 for both

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    No extra charge for night or weekends

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Veterans receive a DISCOUNT

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Detailed housekeeping is $30.00 per hour

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Assistance in facilities

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    4 Hour MINIMUM 

logo_symbol_absolute_healthpro_bullet    Complete in home evaluation, NO COST