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I work for this company. I am so happy with them they are very caring and understanding. I wish this company nothing but the very best for them. I’ve worked with other agencies but this the best by far. Thank you Absolute Health Professionals for all that you do.
Happy to be apart of this team.

– Maria Muniz

I am very thankful for this company they have always been reliable and affordable. I priced checked and looked around and this company was the lowest with exceptional care. I have had a couple of different caregivers and they have exceeded our expectations.

 -Lorraine Gaster

Very friendly and caring staff and very military/veteran friendly as well! They are always there for you and your loved ones and provide extraordinary care.

-Elizabeth Hopper

Best health care services in the area, they go above and beyond for you, super caring staff and owned by great people.

-Ryan Wallschlaeger

The Staff and Caregivers  at Absolute  Are Always Caring And Attentive, They Always Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. When It’s  My Time, I Will Instruct  My  Family To Place Me Under Their Care.  Always Happy Of Your Loving Kind Care. Thank You.

-Michelle M. Rivas

They are a wonderful, loving and compassionate company. They ALWAYS have their clients BEST interest at heart.

-Sherri Boyer Bennett

I highly recommend Absolute Home Professionals for all your heath needs.  They are caring and extremely helpful. They took very good care of my mother with dignity and respect.

-Lorraine Arthur

Absolute Health Professionals exemplifies what in-home health care services should be! I found the staff to be very authentic and transparent and it’s so obvious that their main objective is to improve the lives of seniors. If you or your loved one require senior in-home care, I personally feel you have found the very best

-David Runge

“Friendly and caring staff”
-Nancy Veilleux Herrington

Highly recommend…have known this caring family for years!! if I ever had to make this decision I would definitely call Absolute Health

-Sue Stefaniw-Bishop

This is a great, group of people, who are dedicated to the care of our seniors, and there wellbeing! thank you, so much!

-Steve Morefield

I recommend our community to use this company if a family member, friend, or yourself is in need for in-home health care! They truely are a great company!

-Jennifer Anderson

This company has been great for my grandma! I want to give praise for the loving care that my family has received. Not only did our caregiver help my grandma but anything else my family or I needed she offered to help. I would completely recommend Absolute Health Professionals to anyone I know in need of inhome health care.

-Hannah Gill

Thank you so much for your awesome company helping my mom! these caregivers were very punctual and always go above and beyond the care needed.

-Nancy Barbond

Absolute HC
Of all I’ve had this health help provider has been the best by far. Help with getting pills and over the counter things, getting food, grocery and other, laundry, dishes, help with showering, chair and toweling, re-dressing, mailing, paying bills, grab bars where needed, frequent calls checking on how you are, and if you need anything. Just the best people.
Charlie, cause stroke age 73, veteran, no family, social security income. South Daytona.

-Charles Stout

They are the most caring individuals and have amazing character

-Dianne Gilbar

I had to have in home health care for my wound care. The nurses are professional and caring. They did a great job! Highly recommend this home health care service.

-Craig Ferguson

I can honestly say that this company Is a very hands on family owned business. Suzanne, Jennifer and the staff all really care about the patients/clients who use their services. Absolute tries very hard to match up the client/ patient with the right CNA, Caregiver, RN, LPN, Med tech or caregiver. When you call because either you or a family member need additional care and help They send a patient supervisor out right away to meet you and get a very detailed report of what your needs are so they know how to best provide for you or your loved one. They really do care ALOT. No business is immune to what’s going on in the world but I can honestly say the communication with Absolute is excellent, if something needs to be changed or fixed they will change or fix it. The patient supervisors drop in usually unannounced to make sure that you or your loved ones are being taken care of the way they should be and everything is in order. Employees go through a level two background check, must have a drivers license, Social Security card, Health screening, CPR certification and have either a license or certification for the position that they’re hired for. I don’t know what more you can ask from a company who Chooses to take care of you or your loved ones when you’re not able to. Blessings to big open hearted people like the ones at Absolute!

-Debby West

We have had one visit so far for my dad. Her name is Donna. She is the best!!! I wish we could have her come all the time. My dad loved her. Very sweet and professional and caring and gentle. She has empathy which is rare these days. Thank you for sending her. March 17: update: For Tuesday and Thursday you sent us Sherry. We are so deeply impressed with her. She is also caring and kind, empathetic and very sweet. She takes a genuine interest in my dad. You pick good people to work for you. May 1st update. When the caregiver shows up they are great. But there seems to be a problem getting someone to show up on time on Sundays. And we have to call them to see if anyone is going to show. By the time they get here My husband has taken care of my dad’s needs. Communication could be better especially for Sunday

-Jean Kincaid

Great company to work for and definetly compassionate about what they do! They definitely care about their patients , ive been working here for a year now and had the best expierence and met many patients along the way that love the work absolute has done for them! I would recommend this company for care for any elderly they are truly amazing

-Tiasha Jackson

Margarite peshkoe took great care of my uncle Oscar She kept him company , while helping him maintain A sense of of pride and dignity , while taking care of his medical needs. I would recommend absolute care for anybody . Update to this review: #Second review: 12/16/2019. Leia shantali came by for uncle Oscar ;She was amazing just like Margerite, constantly cleaning, helping, with an amazing cheerful personality, keeping my uncles spirits up . This is the great thing about the people your company sends!!

-Ke Will

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